Telco Tendering

The best price without compromising quality. Experience has shown that the most successful way to achieve this goal is through a call for tenders.

Tenders that leave no questions unanswered

True to this motto, we provide our customers with comprehensive support in the execution of tenders in order to obtain the most suitable offer. 

Telecommunications tenders with our tool

Our tool offers you everything you need for a successful tender: Define your requirements in terms of volumes and quality and then request all reputable providers on the market in one step. Bypass non-transparent contract offers by simply comparing facts.

Through clearly specified requirements and response patterns, we can ensure that providers...
... do not leave out any topics
... offer transparent pricing instead of hiding costs in footnotes and long price tables
... take a clear and binding position on required services
... become comparable with each other

Our tool can be processed both online via an input mask with individualized access and offline. 

Multilingualism and bidding consortiums can be mapped without any problems. Due to the export option of the answers, the made answers can be taken over directly into the contract.
For faster creation, a pool of more than 1,000 requirements can be accessed without leaving out customer-specific aspects. 

Tendering with our tool

Mobile tenders

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Mobile telephony is now a commodity in Germany - just as it is in many other countries - and could easily be purchased as a commodity for both private and business use. And yet the offers that providers make to you are often opaque and difficult to compare with one another.
How are you going to find the best rate for each user from the bouquet of options offered to you by providers?

Our solution: First become clear what exactly you need (at user and company level) and provide this information transparently to the market. With our tender tool, you get comparable and precisely fitting offers, instead of choosing between unsuitable standard tariffs. Our success proves the approach right: on average, our customers save at least 30% by using our tool. And not in all cases a change of provider is necessary for this.

Fixed tenders

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In the age of IP telephony, switching providers is significantly easier than it was in the days of analog and ISDN. The number of possible providers is also significantly greater. Therefore, we advise you to view fixed-line telephony in purchasing as a commodity that you can easily put out to tender. Whether this will result in a change of provider or whether you will receive a suitable and future-proof offer from your existing provider cannot be predicted at the beginning of a tender. One thing is certain, however:
Fixed network telephony can be put out to tender without any problems. Significant savings can be expected as a result.

Here, too, the experience of our customers proves us right. Savings of more than 20% on average have been made possible through an accurate needs assessment and tendering by MeyerBeratung.

Internet-/(SD) WAN tenders

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There are many ways to connect sites, branch offices and workstations of field employees, for example

  • Internet connections
  • MPLS connections or leased lines
  • 4G or 5G-based connections

For all these connectivity options, there is not just one provider, but a variety of offerings and providers. 

Especially with the emerging software-based network control, help is needed from professional advice on solutions and providers. We can help you here with a precise fit via the path of defining your needs and tendering your network.

Due to the high degree of comparability of the different offers in our tendering tool, you can determine the most suitable solution at the optimal price. And, of course, topics relating to service, quality and customer care are always queried.

Multi lot tenders

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You would like to tender several trades or different countries (e.g. in mobile communications) at the same time, but are worried about the effort and complexity?
With our support, synergy effects and time savings take the place of obstacles . With the help of our tendering tool, several product groups can be tendered simultaneously without any problems. You decide whether individual suppliers can bid on individual lots or whether you only want solutions "from a single source". Or you can let the suppliers show you what it is worth to provide you comprehensively.

Multi country tenders

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As an internationally active company, do you want to tender across national borders? This is no problem with our tender tool. Suppliers can choose between different languages and tender either as a whole or for individual countries (analogous to multi lot tendering).