Internet and (SD) WAN Sourcing


Identification of required data connection and optimal adaptation to your future needs lead to optimized costs

Importance of data lines in companies

Data lines are like lifelines for companies; without the exchange of data, many processes would no longer function and access to information would no longer be possible.

There are different types of lines: secured (SD) WAN connections, decentralized Internet connections, centralized Internet breakouts or carrier lines for telephony.

All these lines have to meet different requirements in terms of dimensioning, protection and governance.

We are happy to support you in finding the ideal solutions for you!

What are Internet and (SD) WAN services?

By this we mean all services relating to line-based data transfer; as well as services relating to the associated hardware and software. Specifically, this includes:

  • Internet: local Internet connections (often together with telephony), central Internet breakouts
  • WAN: wide area network primarily managed by the provider
  • SD-WAN: Software Defined Wide Area Network, WAN not provided by a provider but built by software
  • Data lines: dedicated connections between individual sites and to data centers
  • Hardware: procurement of appropriate routers and licenses
  • SASE: Security solutions in the (SD-)WAN environment

Our approach

First, we determine your current contract situation, including notice periods and remaining terms, as well as your expenses.
Based on volume and location data, billing information, external and internal influences, we determine your needs and answer the question together with you:
What will you need in the future?
Depending on the information gathered, we will enter into negotiations with the existing provider with regard to a consolidated new offer or submit your requirements to the market as part of an invitation to tender.
After tender and negotiation support, we also check the contracts for commercial factors on your behalf.
We are happy to support you with our knowledge and competence to provide you a comprehensive offer.

We work completely independent of providers and are only committed to you as our customer. 

Our offering

Of course we are also at your disposal with corresponding services, e.g.

  • Examination and evaluation of existing offers
  • optimization of your contracts
  • operational support for conversions
  • one-time or ongoing invoice verification