Our Services

For our customers we always give our best and offer you the listed services.

We are happy to support you with all your concerns in the field of telecommunications. For more information you can also select the individual topics in the menu. 


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We analyze in detail what you really need. Based on historical consumption data and your company's development, we can reveal which services you need - and which cost more than they benefit. 


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We tender your requirements precisely so that in the end the desired quality is negotiated at the best price and you only pay for what you actually need. With the help of our tendering tool, we can tender both individual commodity groups and several lots simultaneously, both nationally and multinationally.
Learn more about our tender offer here.

Contract negotiation and building

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We support you in renegotiations and tenders.

We ensure that the results of the tender and negotiation are also reflected in the contracts; the contract should be based on the customer and not be a standard work of the provider. 


Contract and inventory optimization

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We analyze and optimize existing telecommunications contracts, so that savings can often be made again through subsequent adjustments within the framework construct. 

We support you with detailed data analysis to find out where your portfolio still offers optimization potential.

Invoice control

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True to the motto "Pay what was used - but no more", we check your invoices and uncover whether the contracts are being adhered to. We are also happy to provide support here in the event of reclaims. 

Commodity groups

We offer the services listed above in the various areas of telecommunications. For more detailed information, select the product group you are interested in below.



Internet and (SD) WAN