Experts in optimising telecommunication costs

MeyerBeratung: we’re an owner-managed consultancy firm, with no ties to other telecommunication providers, dedicated to one goal: reducing the telecommunication costs of our clients.
Martin Meyer founded the company in 2007 in Munich. Since then, he has set up a small but very efficient team of telecommunication specialists. Moreover, MeyerBeratung is also a member of Martin East Associates AG, an international network of telecommunication consultancy experts.

We analyse and optimise all telecommunication contracts for our business customers. We go over the conditions of their landline, mobile, data line (WAN) contracts with a fine-tooth comb, discover how much we could save them, and provide top-notch quality services for the lowest price by carrying out multi lot and multinational tenders.

Due to our extensive experience, we can guarantee a reduction of telecommunication costs by at least 30%. If we can’t deliver, we won’t effectively have carried out our task and won’t invoice the client.

Numerous renowned companies have been satisfied with our performance, amongst them Allianz, Deutsche Börse, and Nordex, just to name a few.

Would you also like to optimise your telecommunication contracts and save money on your landline, mobile, data line (WAN) bundles? Get in touch via email or call us now!


Martin Meyer – 10 years’ experience in purchasing telecommunication services

Martin Meyer is the founder and General Manager of MeyerBeratung. A specialist in purchasing telecommunication services, he concluded his business management studies in St. Gallen. He started working at GMO Management Consulting, in Düsseldorf, then moved on to Bertelsmann where he worked as an internal management and IT consultant for the German and United States market. Martin Meyer is the brains behind MeyerBeratung, as well as Senior Manager at Martin East Associates AG, an international network of expert telecommunication consultants.

Maximilian FelkelMaximilian Felkel – your expert in telco sourcing

Maximilian Felkel is consultant at MeyerBeratung. He graduated his economic studies as Master of Arts which mainly took place in the German Hanseatic city of Stralsund and Montpellier in the south of France. Back in his home town Munich, he gained experience with Fonds Finance as Inhouse Consultant before deciding to work as consultant at MeyerBeratung. There, he has commited himself to help MeyerBeratung’s costumers to optimise their costs of telecommication. He is looking forward to a massage from you at