Our RFP tool – clearing all doubts when it comes to tenders

We have the same goals: getting the best price for landline, mobile, and data line (WAN) services. The best way to achieve your goals is to submit a tender. Our RFP tool offers you all you need for a successful tender: define your needs based on volume and quality, and contact all serious providers on the market in one simple step.

Our RFP tool – your advantages:

  • 30% savings: with 10 years’ experience on the market and countless successful tenders, we know exactly what we can get for our clients. We therefore target a minimum of 30% savings when purchasing your telecommunication services.
  • right-sizing: define your needs based on more than 1,000 standard telecommunication tenders. Request what your company really needs (and pay accordingly, too).
  • group tenders: submit an individual or group tender for landline, mobile, and WAN services. Purchasing a group tender can be more advantageous.
  • a lot easier: numerous countries, telecommunication services and providers – even complex multimodal requests are easily managed using our RFP tool.
  • fewer resources: thanks to our RFP tool you can now manage tenders a lot more easily. Estimate around maximum 0.25 FTE for 2-6 months, depending on the scope of the tender.