Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
Mobile tender

“MeyerBeratung carried out a successful group mobile tender for Deutsche Beteiligungs AG. We highly recommend MeyerBeratung as a professional telecommunication consultancy firm.

Contracted for:8 months Savings:€500,000 Client RoI:750 % 

Optimising landline and mobile contracts

“MeyerBeratung acted as an external purchasing company when we tendered for modern mobile and landline telecommunication services. Our expectations were fully met.”

Contracted for:6 months Savings:€400,000 Client RoI:500 % 

Württembergische und Wüstenrot
Mobile and landline purchase

“MeyerBeratung’s experience in telecommunication processes and conditions greatly helped us at W&W Informatik GmbH in Ludwigsburg when purchasing our mobile services. Moreover, they also helped us sign an improved mobile contract. MeyerBeratung shed light in the chaotic multitude of offers and rates.”

Contracted for:2 months Savings:30 % Client RoI:300 % 

Deutsche Börse
Mobile multi lot tenders

We carried out a multiple lot tender for the Deutsche Börse AG using our RFP tool. The client was extremely pleased with our work and the achieved savings.

Contracted for:4 months Savings:≥ 40 % Client RoI:800 %