»Sie bezahlen zu viel für Festnetz, Mobilfunk und WAN.«

Ausschreibungen über unser RFP-Tool senken Ihre Kosten für Telekommunikation massiv. Aus unserer Erfahrung mit unseren gewerblichen Kunden garantieren wir mindestens 30 % Ersparnis bei Festnetz, Mobilfunk und Datenleitungen (WAN).*

Seit unserer Gründung kommen wir bei wirklich jeder Anfrage zur gleichen „Diagnose“: Unternehmen zahlen für Festnetz, Mobilfunk und Datenleitungen (WAN) mehr als sie müssten. Teilweise sogar weit mehr. Das kann mehrere Gründe haben.

  • Unternehmen kaufen Telekommunikations-Leistungen am Bedarf vorbei ein. Sie bezahlen z. B. 500 Mobilfunk-Flatrates, obwohl nur 100 Heavy-User wirklich so hohes Volumen benötigen.
  • Den zuständigen Einkäufern fehlen Benchmarks zur Orientierung.
  • Der Einkauf verfügt über kein leistungsfähiges RFP-Tool, um Ausschreibungen effizient durchzuführen.

Das sind nur drei der typischen Hindernisse auf dem Weg zu niedrigeren TK-Kosten. Wir kennen alle und wissen, wie man sie zur Seite räumt. Daher können wir voller Überzeugung versprechen: Wir reduzieren Ihre Kosten für Festnetz, Mobilfunk und Datenleitungen (WAN) um mindestens 30%.*

Sie möchten wissen, wie groß Ihr Sparpotenzial ist? Nutzen Sie unseren kostenlosen RoI-Rechner.

*Schaffen wir das nicht, zahlen Sie nichts.

»Our RFP tool: 20 years’ experience and 3 years’ development for a unique saving potential.«

Even complex tenders can be efficiently managed with our RFP tool. Optimising your telecommunication spend has never been quicker and easier.

Tenders can be really challenging. Analysing actual needs and determining demands are challenges in their own right, let alone in big multinational companies. It stands to reason that actual orders can also be very complicated.

  • Telecommunication services: do you need landline, mobile or data line (WAN) bundles? Or maybe you require other telecommunication products such as web or audio conferencing systems or service numbers? Do you want to tender for individual or joint services?
  • Providers: do you need transparency on landline, mobile or data line (WAN) services? How relevant are the location of the provider, the quality of the product, and a multilingual service?
  • Countries: do you purchase services in one country or in more than one?

An ordered and efficient tendering process yields positive results. For this purpose, MeyerBeratung has developed an RFP tool, a dedicated online tendering tool for purchasing telecommunication services.

Discover more about the RFP-Tool.

Customer feedback

Optimising landline and mobile contracts

“MeyerBeratung acted as an external purchasing company when we tendered for modern mobile and landline telecommunication services. Our expectations were fully met.”

Contracted for:6 months  Savings:€400,000  Client RoI: 500 % 

»Reducing telecommunication costs is what we do best.«

Specialist knowledge in tendering processes and telecommunication conditions, contracts, and negotiations all from one source. Welcome to MeyerBeratung.

MeyerBeratung is an independent consultancy firm focusing on one single task. We reduce telecommunication costs for our clients (landline, mobile, data line (WAN) etc.) without being influenced by third parties.

Of course, all of our clients can already count on a team of expert purchasers with extensive experience in sourcing telco services. Yet even these tendering specialists rarely have

  • a clear picture of the actual needs of the companies;
  • a clear idea of prices and benchmark values in line with market conditions;
  • a dedicated and optimised RFP tendering tool for telecommunication purchases.

That’s when MeyerBeratung comes into play, providing missing information, accompanying you when optimising your telecommunication purchase procedures, and standing by your side from the very first consultancy, data analysis, tender, up to concluding new contracts.

Get to know the MeyerBeratung team.

»We don’t take orders from anyone. Except our clients.«

Being an owner-managed firm means we’re independent from telecommunication providers and third parties. Our clients’ goals are all that matter to us.

Our clients’ goals are the same as ours. Our business model is based on a win-win approach: the more we save you, the higher our earnings.

This is how we work:

  • by analysing your past consumption levels, we discover your actual needs and proceed to deliver ideal purchase quantities and contract periods.
  • we analyse your landline, mobile, data line (WAN) contracts and tell you if you’re paying in line with demand or market conditions.
  • if your saving potential is big enough, we’ll contact all providers on the market with a tailored request using our RFP tendering tool.
  • experienced telecommunication specialists will accompany you from start to finish of the tendering process and, ultimately, ensure you save at least 30%.

Numerous renowned companies have been satisfied with our performance, amongst them Allianz, Deutsche Börse, and Nordex, just to name a few.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at what they say.



Deutsche Börse
Mobile multi lot tenders

We carried out a multiple lot tender for the Deutsche Börse AG using our RFP tool. The client was extremely pleased with our work and the achieved savings.

Contracted for:4 months Savings:≥ 40% Client RoI:800%